Friday, 5 April 2013

The Queen gets rewarded... make sure your cutomers do too!

So Her Majesty The Queen has been honoured with a Bafta Award due to her longstanding patronage of the British film industry. What a great way to reward someone so valued by that industry. Indeed, there's a lot to be said for showing those whom you value their true worth to you.

We all all know about the old old addage, "brand new customers only" with all the exclusive offers and deals that go into enticing new people to take up a specific product, etc. However, it isn't new news to anyone that so many companies forget that it's the people who regularly use the same place that are the real lifeblood of a company or organisation. When times are tough, people inevitably shop around looking for the best mix of price, efficiency and customer service and this is where brand loyalty can sometimes suffer.

Companies and organisations should remember in these times that while money may be tight, word of mouth and reassurances are vital to the retention of customers. Marketing budgets are often the first to go but this is where the true benefit of promotional pens comes in... they are incredibly low cost when compared to other methods of promotion and due to their practical nature, you have the constant assurance that the product will be in use constantly, thus your message and brand are in regular view and in the mindset of your customers.

Why not condsider taking a look into the world of pens printed with your logo and view the options that may suit your branding such as the ultra low cost Pricebuster Pens which are the very pinnacle of cheap promotional pens that are built to last.

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