Sunday, 14 April 2013

Ice Media Promotional Pens - as cold as ice!

"As cold as ice" the song may say and it's a fitting tribute the Ice Media Promotional Pens that have become a real mainstay of the promotional pens industry for the last few years. It has been known under various different names across the web but at Promotional Pens R Us we call it the Ice Media Pen... and we gave it that name for a reason! As we all know, to keep design interesting and effective, things must be kept simple. That's one of the main strong points of this particular printed pen.

The long barrel ensures steady and comfortable reporduction when writing. The easy click-action retractable nib is durable and effective so there's no dilly-dallying around try to make the thing work! Due to the large non-tapired barrel area, the print area is superb and allows strong levels of personalisation when printed with your logo. Logo pens are always most effective when they're able to display a slogan etc in an area that lends itself to flexibilty because of the low restriction of available space.

The Ice Media Pen also comes in a range of translucent frosted colours which adds an element of style and modernity to the featured message. Why not have a look today and embrace the promotional edge that these logo pens can offer.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Making the decision clear... goal line technology and promotional pens

Well the debate has been rolling along now for quite some time but it looks like there's finally going to be goal-line technology for football matches in the world's main competitions. Hopefully this will lead to the elimination of debacles such as the infamous Frank Lampard goal for England that was clearly well over the line yet failed to be spotted by the match officials at the time. It really is astounding that it has taken this long to implement. Thankfully there are two established systems that are in a position to compete for the relevant contracts, one of which is the well know 'Hawkeye' system that is used in tennis tournaments including Wimbledon.

The need to ensure consistency in any environment is imperative. To ensure that a message is clearly conveyed in unequivocal language so the recipient is clear what they are receiving and that it is correct. Ambiguity can lead to so many problems in life. Where is this leading...? Simple, you want the world to know that you have a message, but you want that message to be heard loud and clear without any room for misinterpretation. The team at Promotional Pens R Us are well versed in providing clear, accurate advise to customers when it comes to choosing which pens to opt for and moreover, how to ensure that those pens offer the most impact possible.

The artwork team provide multiple options and advice of request when it comes to presentation of a logo and message on promotional items such as printed pens and pencils. Your message should be loud and clear and Promotional Pens R Us will help you achieve just that!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tough times for transatlantic flights, but not you!

Apparently if you're a regular traveller across the pond by air, then you may notice a significant difference  over the coming years in the comfort of your journey. This isn't down to different seats, more leg room or keeping noisy people away from quiet people, it's down to a change in the airflow over the atlantic which may result in increased turbulance. This may even lead to increased costs as planes divert around it along with other associated expenditure. Not great news really if it's something you already in two minds about.

It's difficult to make a decision based on costs when it's your livelyhood at stake, particularly when you know bad things are coming your way. It's a decision that business owners all over are having to make to ensure prosperity. Making sure you're one step ahead of the game is key. Once an idea and approach is in place, it needs to be backed up by a suitable way to market it.

Giving yourself an outlet with widspread appeal but with a limited cost outlay it vital and having some promotional pens could well be the answer. They are guranteed to be in constant use and area true high-viz product in the sense that they are seen absolutely eveywhere. Promotional Pens R Us is a leading supplier in the UK of pens with your logo on. The diverse range of printed pencils and alike enhances the likelyhood of a perfect partner to match your campaign.

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